Interest Rates

Posted Rate Term Our Rates
6.00% 5 YR VARIABLE CLOSED 5.00%
6.39% 5 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.39%
6.54% 1 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.54%
5.99% 2 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.54%
5.99% 3 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.59%
5.89% 4 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.44%
5.89% 7 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.29%
6.50% 10 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 6.00%

*rates are subject to change without notice

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Mortgage Services

Quick and Efficient Mortgage Application

When applying for a mortgage, time is of the essence. You want to work with me because I will get your approval in a timely manner so that you do not lose your home or continue to pay credit card debts at a high interest rate. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, refinance your mortgage, or transfer your loan to another bank, I can help you with you. Once I receive your mortgage application request, I can start working on it right away so you don’t lose any time.


When applying for a mortgage, you also want to make sure that your mortgage broker is available to you at your convenience. You have work, family, and children and I respect other people’s time. I am available to meet with you on evenings and weekend at your convenience so your daily routine is not disturbed. I can also take applications over the phone as well. I have had clients that I have done mortgages for, where I still give them the great service they expect, without even meeting them!!

Guaranteed Lowest Rates for all your Mortgage Needs

I stand by the excellent service, advice, and relationship-building that I give to my clients. At the end of the day, you are looking at the money going in and out of your pocket. With the luxury of working with multiple financial institutions, I can offer you the lowest rates whether you are buying, refinancing your mortgage, or transferring your mortgage to another financial institution. Go to your bank and find out what they have to offer and then come to see what rates I can offer you.

Rate updates at your fingertips and in your Inbox

How would you like to get updates on the changing mortgage rates on the market? Since interest rates fluctuate unpredictably, it is important to stay on top of everything. Getting/following my email updates, newsletters, and blogs will keep you informed on all you need to know.

Great Online Tools

Use the online mortgage calculators that are available to you. They are great at determining, for example, how much of a mortgage you can afford taking into account your monthly salaries and debts. With a simple consent form, I can also tell you whether your credit score is solid or needs improvement. People also don’t realize how credit scores work and what makes them increase or decrease. Let me do a credit consultation with you…FREE!!

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