Jason Zuckerman

Interest Rates

Posted Rate Term Our Rates
2.15% 5 YR VARIABLE CLOSED 1.65%
2.49% 5 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.84%
2.95% 5 YEAR HELOC 2.45%
2.89% 1 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.99%
3.24% 2 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.99%
3.75% 3 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.99%
1.99% 4 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 4.29%
5.40% 7 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 2.19%
5.80% 10 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 2.64%

*rates are subject to change without notice

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When finances become too much to handle, and desperation sets in, people often resort to a consumer proposals or a bankruptcy. Though it is challenging to re-establish your credit, I can help find you lenders who lend to people that have gone through these tough times. I have lenders that offer solutions to clients for purchases and refinances even 1 day out of a bankruptcy release. Give me a call for more information and I will do my best to get you on your way to financial freedom. Even if you cannot acquire a mortgage at the moment, I will give you sound advice on how to get back on track.

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